We Are Xortie

Xortie is a management consultancy offering strategy planning, communication and strategic procurement services. Headquartered in Sydney Australia, our people are spread across the globe to deliver client solutions that leverage technology, the global market, and creativity.

From creative design to strategic stakeholder communications across to procurement and production, our equal regard for our team and our clientele is evident. For us, ingenuity, individuality, and transparency is just as valuable as quality output, customer experience, and team involvement. We believe that it is through the continuous exchange of ideas between our people and our clientele that we’d be able to fulfill the Xortie mission of helping each client take flight..

Our Mission: Client Success

We strategise

Xortie take a transformational approach to deliver pragmatic and creative strategies, empowering clients to grow and drive value in their sector and the environment they exist.

We collaborate

Facilitating a diversity of experts we collaborate and learn, understanding clients and their customers, regulators, contractors  and suppliers we develop actionable insight. 


Creative Design

Most upscale agency designs are superb but pricey. Hailing from the big ad world, Xortie’s artists create phenomenal works at rates that won’t hurt your pocket.

Architectural and Construction Visualisation

Xortie help communicate complex ideas and methodologies to a diversity of audiences. Helping win multimillion-dollar tenders and manage stakeholders.

Procurement and Production

Trusted by some of the biggest brands Xortie procures and produces to ensure projects, events and campaigns are executed without delay or compromise.

We Are a Team

The best of ideas can come in the unlikeliest of circumstances. At Xortie, we try to seize those moments whether we are in pinstripes or pyjamas, on our work desks or surf boards, in Sydney or across the globe. And with our people spread out across time zones and cultures, ideas get shared round the clock. That also ensures someone is there to listen when you have your own eureka moment in the shower.  

Bleps Dapo
Bleps Dapo

Creative Director

Having worked for global ad agencies for a decade and garnered several design awards, Bleps now takes up the reins of Xortie's creative team.

Tim Achmad
Tim Achmad

Managing Director

With experience in multinationals, start-ups and non-profits across marketing, strategy planning and procurement Tim founded Xortie to help clients grow.

Julius Sanchez
Julius Sanchez

Architect and Visualisation Lead

An architect with experience in commercial, residential and interior design, Julius leads Xortie’s architectural and construction visualisation team.