Email Marketing Brought Back to Life

Email marketing may be considered by many as obsolete, its significance overshadowed by newer marketing channels such as social media and mobile.

The truth is, email marketing is still as up-to-the-minute–and as cost-effective–as the other supposedly trendier schemes.

As a progressive digital agency in Sydney, Xortie understands that in order for your email strategy to thrive, you need relevant, creative, and optimised content.

First, our digital team tracks where, how, and when your target market moves by developing an acquisition scheme. Doing so allows us to tailor content according to your customers’ online behaviour, designing templates that are compatible on various devices and scheduling email blasts at the most opportune times. Then our savvy copywriters craft messages that offer information different from those you published on other channels. Such personalisation results to email marketing that is as valuable and as powerful as the latest and more expensive campaigns.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Grow your business with engaging email marketing campaigns from Xortie’s digital and creative teams. Our coders collaborate with our copy writers and graphic designers so that your customers see, read, and be converted by your message. By implementing A/B and multivariate testing, we are able to guarantee results from your email drive.

Email Life Cycle Planning

Our digital team creates engaging email life cycle programs so that your message reaches your target audience time and time again. Our service includes template designing, responsive coding, thorough testing, copy writing, and dynamic content set up. Always optimising, we create relevant reporting dashboards to ensure effective email cycles from beginning to end.

Email Template Design

Given our experience with various email marketing platforms, your eDMs will be a breeze. Our graphic designers and web developers will team up to create a unique email templates for your various communications. Our digital experts will also make sure that your templates and messages are optimised for all devices, from desktop to wearable gadgets.

A/B  & Multivariate Testing

How effective are your email campaigns? A/B and multivariate analyses deliver true insight into how your email marketing will perform. In combination with dynamic content, our testing service is a smart and simple way to improve your success rate.

Email Marketing Optimisation

Get hold of your target audience and convert them with Xortie’s email marketing optimisation. Our email marketers work on a variety of marketing automation platforms, CRMs, and email marketing platforms to help get your message across.

Responsive Design Testing

Experience what your users experience across devices. With Xortie’s responsive design testing, you get to check the responsiveness of your email templates on over 30 devices in under 30 minutes.

Take advantage of your client database. On your next email drive, get Xortie.

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