A Trusted Digital Agency

Xortie is a digital agency in Sydney serving customers worldwide. Our team of digital experts work closely with clients to translate technical features into clear business benefits.

Our digital agency houses frontend, PHP, WordPress and Magento developers. We also take pride in our digital designers, SEO and social media experts, and online advertising specialists. They can identify your digital needs and scope your projects with a promise of return on investment and growth.

Let Xortie help you begin your digital pandemic with our full range of digital marketing services:

Online Advertising

Xortie’s team of marketing specialists will help you develop a strategy, write copy, design, and plan media to generate online leads and conversions.

Web Design & Development

Work with some of the best web designers and developers in Sydney and create quality user experiences for your customers. Read more

Social Media

Aiming to build and/or enhance your follower base online? Trust our digital agency to plan and implement engaging strategies on your chosen social media platforms. Read more

App Development

Employing some of the best app developers in the region, we help build a variety of robust and seamless applications. We have experience in developing basic apps, mobile apps, and large web apps. Read more


By helping your organisation define and implement a search strategy, you can achieve high ranking, traffic, and return on investment. Read more

Email Marketing

Our digital agency develops engaging email marketing solutions that deliver value to your target audience and help grow your business. We can prepare copy, design templates, and plan email life cycles. Read more

User Experience Consulting

Xortie creates superb UX that enhances your target audience’s interaction with your company, thereby generating and converting leads.

Mobile Optimisation

We optimise websites for viewing in smart phones and tablets of all sizes and implement responsive designs that provide excellent user experience.


Our digital agency delivers customer relationship management consulting and solutions from email marketing life cycles to marketing automation.

Know How your Digital Agency Works

Which approach does your digital agency employ when developing software: Agile or Waterfall? Digital experts know that there is no single perfect system. There are pros and cons to each working style.

Waterfall VS Agile

Waterfall is often more suited to clients who already have a crystal clear understanding of what the completed project will look like, including an strong technical working knowledge of design and functionality. In contrast, Agile is more suited to customers who depend a great deal on user feedback and will let user feedback drive the outcome.

Which approach is better?

As each approach has its own benefits and limitations, your digital agency should know how to work with the best of both methodologies. Xortie employs this strategy. When working on small and short-term projects, we typically use the Waterfall approach. We also take advantage of this method during planning and execution to ensure that steps are completed one at a time. To match our client’s more challenging requirements, we opt for the Agile approach. While it consumes more resources, using this method gets projects completed quicker and provides greater user feedback.


Whichever method we choose, our digital agency always begins with a detailed brief. The brief helps us to identify the scope of work required. This then forms the basis of our contract with clients. It also forms the basis for planning of design and development.

We offer a myriad of digital solutions for your business. What are your needs?

Discuss them with Xortie