Sydney Packaging Design Service

Winsome packaging design by our Sydney packaging design team can help your product to stand out, but are you making the best design choice as far as your finances and objectives are concerned? How much money and effort are you willing to put into the entire packaging design process?

Let Xortie’s unique process help you decide on a packaging design that considers your brand, your target market, your competition, and most of all, your budget. With sensible printing and consumer knowhow, trust our team to deliver first-class yet practical design ideas at reasonable rates.

Our Packaging Design Process

The Xortie creative team doesn’t jump into designing right away. Instead we study carefully the factors that will affect the entire process. Neither do we rush into finalisation; we do a couple of market tests before you are handed the final art. Doing these allows us to offer you the most realistic packaging design options.

packaging design processComprehensive Client Briefing

During the client brief, our creative team clarifies your budget from designing to printing. Then we study your brand values so that we can incorporate everything you espouse into the packaging design, materials, and printing process. We likewise look at the target market and the existing competition to increase our chances of creating a design that entices your customers while setting you apart from the rest. Lastly, we delve into your product’s benefits, thinking of ways on how we can highlight them.

Methodical Consumer Testing

As soon as you approve the initial packaging design studies, we begin the first round of market testing. By showing the studies to a sample of your target market, we are able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the initial ideas and tweak them accordingly. After the review session and another set of revisions, we bring them back to your target consumers for another testing.

Quality Production

Ready to have the final art mass produced? Let our production partner, Marketing Efficiencies, take up the reins. With an impressive overseas print facility and an expansive network of suppliers, you can expect your design to be executed following your unique specifications.

Our Packaging Range

With over a decade of experience with packaging design and production, the Xortie creative team has worked with various types of packaging and continues to develop practical packaging solutions that will benefit businesses and consumers alike. Here are some examples of packaging that our creative team can modify according to your requirements:

packaging design for zipper pouchZipper Pouch


packaging for zipper standup pouchZipper Stand-Up Pouch

packaging design for spouted pouchSpouted Pouch

packaging design for boxBox

packaging design for bottleBottle

packaging design for seal bag3-Sided Seal Bag

packaging design for seal bag4-Sided Seal Bag

packaging design for centre-seal bagCentre-Seal Bag

packaging design for centre-seal gusset bagCentre-Seal Gusset Bag

packaging for special shaped bagSpecial Shaped Bag

packaging for R-shaped bagR-Shaped Bag

packing_filmPacking Film