e-Commerce Web Development

RM Williams

When it comes to online marketing, even the most well-known brands can quickly fall behind its competitors. Such was the case of RM Williams. Whilst the Australian fashion brand has already attained global status, its online presence needed an extra boost. The old RM Williams website had to be upgraded in order to attract more customers and suit a wide range of devices.

From static HTML, the primary website needed to be more dynamic whilst maintaining its original look and feel. This objective had the Xortie web development team coding the pages again from scratch, keeping in mind that some of the existing layout and content had to be preserved.

As more customers go online using smart phones and tablets, the website’s CSS had to be redeveloped to ensure compatibility with various mobile devices. Our web development team therefore implemented the new website codes and published over 20 webpage templates.

While this project with the leading bush outfitter was a straightforward one, it proves that seemingly minute changes to a company’s online presence can spell a big difference to its business. More importantly, it demonstrates that even the simplest of web development tasks still require the expertise of a well-rounded web development team.