Architectural & Construction Visualisations

Xortie deliver architectural and construction visualisations that make an impact. Drawn to scale, our 3D renders and animations help communicate complex ideas and methodologies into visuals that are easy for a breadth of stakeholders to collectively understand.

Our teams attention to detail, experience and passion set us apart. To deliver impactful visuals the team is typically composed of an Architect, a Graphic Designer, a Video editor and art director. Together Xortie’s been able to put together visuals that help clients win major multimillion dollar tenders, convey project timelines and milestones, and demonstrate stakeholder impacts.

Let Xortie help you develop a winning commercial tender submission, visualise your methodology, animate your architectural elevations and plans into 3D interactive animation and manage key stakeholder communications such as tenant impacts.

Architectural Visualisations

Starting with architectural elevations and plans Xortie brings ideas to life. Through ultra high definition renders and animations we add materials, the physical encompassing and live environment.

Engineering Visualisations

Working with to scale 3D models our visuals help various sub-contractors plan their materials and methodology saving time and money. From as small as helping plan access equipment to picking the optimal rooftop crane.

Construction Methodology Visualisations

Explain an 18 month project in less than 60 seconds to a diversity of stakeholders. Ultra high definition renders and 3D animations can show both new builds and major internal and external renovations.

Commercial Tender Submissions

Elevate your tender submission to show your client that you know their project like no one else. Whether it’s a 10M or a 210M bid Xortie can help. From methodology renders to high level executive video presentations.

Early Contractor Involvement

The devils in the detail and Xortie can help show the complexity of the project’s critical path. Each milestone and major decision can be simply and quickly explained through our construction visuals.

Stakeholder & Tenant Impacts

Effectively communicate to a diversity of tenants and stakeholders with easy to understand 3D animations showing what’s happening when and where on and around their premises.

How AEC Visualisations Work?

Typically we start with a Revit model, failing that we can start with the building or structures architectural elevations and floor plans. From there we can quickly develop a 3D model which can then be developed into a realistic renderable file with fine detail like facade materials, surrounding street environment, pre, mid and post construction views. Once this is created we can provide ultra high definition e.g. 4k and more renders from any angle, showing different effects of time, weather, population density and more.

Buildings are dynamic.

Moving from ultra high resolution renders, Xortie can bring your proposal or project to life creating vibrant 3D high resolution animations that help stakeholders imagine what’s possible as seeing is believing. Xortie offers first person views in addition to fly arounds to any specific required point of interest. Xortie also offers virtual reality models allowing stakeholders to see and navigate various buildings and public areas.

We offer a myriad of digital solutions for your business. What are your needs?

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