Procurement and Production

Global Reach

Clients use Xortie not because we get it cheapest but because we get it. In times of scarcity or when offshore procurement simply isn’t your core competency.

Our Procurement Services

The Australian based procurement team help organisations large and small deliver high profile projects on time and budget. To date we service a number of industries including travel, aviation, technology, retail, hospitality, architectural and commercial construction. Our methodic approach to vendor management, highly stringent quality control processes and smart distribution and logistic systems sets us apart and make us an extremely reliable partner.

Strategic Procurement

If you have clearly defined specifications for a good, we can help procure it. With well over a decade of experience sourcing and procuring across Oceania, Xortie has become a trusted partner of some of Australia’s largest brands. Whether it’s the strictest matching of a pantone colour to ensure a match with existing branding, conformity to an engineering standard for strength for longevity or acquisition of a critical quantity during times of scarcity our procurement team will help deliver.

Managed Production

If you have completed shop drawings, a high-level concept or a product you need reproduced in an economic and timely manner, we can help produce it.¬†Our team aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and their experience managing production provides critical insight into developing pragmatic approaches to mass production. Experienced across a range of materials including acrylics, steels, aluminiums, cardboard/paper pulp to more complex componentry Xortie’s production team deliver amazing value.

Stringent Quality Control

With individual and organisational reputations on the line only the most stringent quality control processes will do. Through decades of experience in offshore production, procurement and outsourcing Xortie’s procurement team have developed a comprehensive and systematic approach to quality control. Our approaches adapt based on the type of good or commodity with the objective of negating defects and delivering reliable and dependable batches of goods to end customers.