Strategy Consulting

Xortie offers strategy consulting in a number of sectors that help management and leadership teams make informed decisions to deliver success. Our team of experts combined with structured methodology pave a path forward, solving complex issues and identifying new opportunities.

Our team’s attention to detail, experience and passion set us apart. To deliver impactful communications the team is typically composed of a strategy planner, an analyst, an art director and technology lead. Together Xortie’s been able to put together communications that help clients win major multimillion dollar projects, convey project milestones, demonstrate stakeholder impacts and save millions through operational efficiencies.

Let Xortie help you develop a winning commercial tender submission, visualise your methodology, animate your architectural elevations and plans into 3D interactive animation and manage key stakeholder communications such as tenant impacts.

Lead Generation

Lead generation strategies that are clearly defined, actionable and significantly grow your sales pipeline. Our experienced lead generation team will work with your sales, marketing and product teams, analyse and collaborate then develop a lead acquisition strategy to capture high quality leads.


Customer acquisition strategies that are pragmatic and scalable across your sales force. Our experienced acquisition team will work with your sales and marketing teams to analyse and collaborate then develop an acquisition strategy to grow your business and achieve organisational growth objectives.

Customer Retention

Customer retention strategies that will engage and breath new life into your customer relationships. Our customer retention experts will work with your marketing team to assess and analyse customer lifecycle trends and develop insightful retention strategies that grow your customer lifetime value.

Customer Lifecycle

Customer lifecycle management strategies that deliver more value to your customers and derive more value from them. Our experts will help you map the customer journey, assess and analyse the unit economics and develop a strategy that grows the customer lifecycle and achieves your growth objectives.

Go to Market

GTM strategies that deliver a clear path and processes to taking your product to market. Our experienced team will work with your leadership, product and marketing teams to analyse and collaborate then develop a pragmatic go-t0-market strategy that fits your organisation’s financial position and growth objective.

Marketing Automation

Technologically transforming a breadth of marketing communications and your approach to customer relationship management. Our team of experts will analyse and assess your organisation’s martech, collaborate and identify a platform that fits best and a strategy implement marketing automation at your firm.

How does Xortie’s strategy consulting work?

At Xortie we approach strategy consulting in a number of ways unique to your organisations need. This often includes submitting a tender for a specific project with a somewhat defined scope. However we also provide pre-tendering consulting to help our clients clearly define the scope of their business challenge, allowing for a more informed decision when selecting technology vendors, agencies and other partners to deliver the project.

We offer a myriad of strategy solutions for your business. What are your needs?

Discuss them with Xortie