Small Creative Agency, Huge Ideas

Xortie’s creatives team craft communications that engage and compel audiences to act, helping achieve your business objective.

We have experience with multi-nationals, global brands, start-ups and non-profits. However, we maintain a consistent approach. Working closely with clients we seek to understand the context and underlying problem their customers face and learn how our client’s product help solve it.

Our Creative Services

Count on our highly motivated strategy planners, writers, designers, and artists. Always focused on meeting the project objectives and engaging the target audience, they can design and implement the freshest and most creative campaigns for your organisation. These include:


We believe branding is not just about creating a crystal clear image of what your business does. Knowing who you’ll be doing it for and planning how a brand (or rebrand) will be rolled out is just as crucial. Read more

Graphic Design

Aside from the usual graphic design elements, our talented pool of graphic designers studies each project’s unique considerations such as buyer behaviour and the environment. Read more


Our writing team can provide you with quality copy that matches your chosen collateral, medium, and target market. We also houses language translators so that you can easily reach your global audience. Read more

Marketing Strategy

Tactical and strategic our marketing strategies help clients connect with customers. With decades of experience working with bluechips and startups out team will develop a winning strategy for your business objective. Read more


On your next corporate or product shoot, work with our professional photographers and artists. They have ample experience in various styles and are recognised by several organisations in Australia. Read more

Video Production

Count on this creative agency to bring your ideas to life, whether it’s a commercial, a corporate video or 3D animation. Xortie offers a full range of services from storyboard development to post production. Read more.

Enjoy high calibre creative services without big agency rates. Let's plan your campaign.

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