App Development That Focuses on Your Users

For the Xortie app development team, ensuring a pleasant experience for every user is key to a well-made app. It is for this reason that we espouse no single approach to every project and make sure that our apps have your target audience in mind.

For one, we made sure that our app development team is technically and culturally diverse, consisting of developers, designers, and user experience specialists based in Australia as well as abroad. Aside from a global network, we also build on various platforms; we develop mainly PHP applications using a number of relevant frameworks. This combination of people and skills have allowed us to create an assortment of web and mobile applications. From simple online energy calculators to highly customised CRMs and comprehensive ERPs, you can be assured that all our apps are tailor-made to meet your users’ needs.

Our App Projects

The Xortie app development team specialises in PHP applications. Our people have a broad range of skills and experience in Ajax, MySQL, CSS design, HTML, and copy writing, among others. To date, our app development projects are as follows:

Basic Apps

The Xortie app development team has worked on calculators to assess potential energy savings. These calculators are integrated into the eCommerce website of a Sydney-based supplier of energy efficient products.

Mobile Apps

Our app developers have built iOS and Android native mobile apps for a number of clients. They deliver, among many features, mobile optimised content and push marketing capability.

Large Web Apps

We have completed a sophisticated engineering management platform in partnership with a Sydney engineering firm. Most recently, we have started working on a bespoke CRM for migration agents.

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