SEO Sans the Shortcuts and Gimmicks

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is more than padding every webpage with keywords. To achieve true SEO Sydney-based Xortie knows that clearly identifying the target audience should be the first step. By understanding user behaviour, a website that communicates to both the customers and search engine can be effectively developed.

Guided by this belief, our digital team sets websites up for SEO success. By working closely with you, we’d be able to learn about how your users move online. That would allow us to define a keyword strategy and implement SEO fundamentals appropriate to your business objectives.

Keyword Research

Our digital planning team identifies keywords that generate quality organic web traffic. We then use these keywords to develop a white hat SEO strategy that can be incorporated into new or existing websites.

SEO Fundamentals

Our search marketing specialists ensure that your website as well as your online presence have the foundations for good search results. We therefore implement our keyword strategy across your digital assets.


SEO Workshop

Xortie’s SEO Sydney team offers customised workshops for beginners. The curriculum covers a variety of best practices for content contributors that have become popular among copywriters, bloggers, and journalists.

Our Process

Our approach to SEO is no secret. Our digital team spends weeks on research, finding keywords that deliver you leads and sales. Next, we create and incorporate audience-driven, non-spammy content around those keywords. Keeping to the best practices in web development, we work on nearly 200 different factors to achieve excellent keyword ranking and organically attract web traffic. This process can take anywhere between one and three months depending on the complexity and number of keywords being targeted. Get in touch to find out more about our SEO process.

For clean, well-researched SEO strategies, you can trust the good guys at Xortie.

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