Social Media Marketing – Leverage Your Online Presence

More and more businesses are banking on social media marketing as it is an economical way of promoting their products and services.

As a rapidly growing digital agency in Sydney, Xortie likewise believes in the power of social media. We therefore offer a number of social media marketing services to promote brand awareness, generate sales leads, and convert more customers. These include:

Social Media Profiles

Auditing your brand’s social media presence is the first step to creating an effective social media marketing scheme. Our digital team tries to learn as much as we can about your brand’s story and strengths. Then we go over the social media accounts of your company as well as your senior and sales executives to see how they could better represent your brand in their respective online communities. Finally, we create profiles that position your people and brand favourably in the eyes of your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Xortie’s digital team can develop winning social media marketing campaigns that deliver a clear return on investment. Rely on our social media professionals to create end-to-end solutions, from campaign conception to creative design to execution and reporting. They can also give you sound advice on the best platform to launch your campaign. Wherever your target community may be–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn–we’ll deliver your message to them.


Social Media Management

Asking your in-house marketing specialist to maintain your company’s social media presence might be putting too much on his/her plate. However, your followers need your attention, too. Xortie understands this challenge, so you can trust us to manage your brand’s complete social media presence. Our social media marketing team can plan and publish content regularly and respond to customer enquires quickly. By stimulating dialogue with your customers, we can help you build your brand.

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Infographics help make complex information digestible for a broader range of audiences. This social media tactic also helps raise awareness of your brand, positioning it as a pioneer, a leader, or an expert.

For Xortie, key to a read- and share-worthy infographic is knowing who you’re producing it for. By identifying your target viewers, our writers are able to sift through the given information and pick out the bits that would be meaningful to both your existing and prospective customers. They then turn seemingly unintelligible technical jargon into plainer, more engaging language. Finally, for more spunk, the new copy is added to the layout; our graphic designers can choose images, fonts, and other design elements most suitable for your audience.


Social media competitions can meet a range of business objectives such as moving old stock, increasing awareness, capturing lead information and many more. Plus, they’re cost-effective for your business and fun for your customers.

Xortie’s social media marketing team can help you to conceptualise and launch such contests. As each target market is different, we craft each competition to appeal to their lifestyle and preferences. By understanding what makes them tick, we are able to motivate your online followers to promote your brand whilst having fun in the process.


Our workshops use a structured learning curriculum with tailored examples. Delivered in a mix of distance and face-to-face modes. The workshop formats are also varied to audience demographics speeding up or down accordingly.

Modules offered in Xortie social media include;

1A) Overviews & Examples

1B) Copy, Art & Strategy

1C) Application in Practice

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