Photography That Enhances Your Subject and Sells Your Idea

A mainstay in marketing campaigns, photography is used to better sell your product or idea. But not all snapshots make great enticers. Make sure that each image you’ll use is worth your investment by hiring a professional.

Xortie employs professional Australian photographers, stylists, and photo enhancement artists who specialise in various areas.

Product Photography

Because product shots can make or break sales, ensure that they are photographed in the most flattering angle, light, and texture. Rely on our pack shot specialists to capture images perfect for catalogues and packaging.

Food Photography

When you need mouth-watering images of food for your ads, publications, or packaging, our Australian photographers and stylists can work together to artfully create compositions that will tickle you target consumer’s gastronomical senses.

Advertising Photography

Whether you’re selling food, electronic devices, financial services, or simply an idea, images can help promote awareness and sell the benefits to your audience. We can support your campaign through compelling advertising photography.

Editorial Photography

Need photos to accompany a magazine article, a web copy, or a book chapter? Whether in the studio or on location, the Xortie creative team can shoot images to complement your write-up as well as speak to your target readers.

Corporate Photography

Xortie has ample experience in corporate photography, from corporate portraits to architectural shots. We take your senior executives’ busy schedules seriously, so count on us to conduct shoots at your most convenient place and time.

Event Photography

On your next product launch, company party, or client conference, get our team of Australian photographers to cover it. We’ll take candid yet professional photos that highlight the most significant moments of your event.

Our Qualifications

Choose professional photographers who are recognised by the industry. Our Australian photographers have the following certifications:

Hire the right photographer for your project. Let's find a match for you.

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