Branding That Truly Leaves Your Mark

Branding is usually made complicated by marketing communications folks. Xortie knows that it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, a crystal clear image of what your business is going to be is the first step to making a brand excellent.

Our Branding Services

Let Xortie sort things out for you. Our sharp and savvy branding consultants here in our Sydney  agency can take charge of the following endeavours:

Brand Positioning

Our Sydney branding agency believes that positioning your brand involves a great deal of deliberation. Let our brand specialists help you truly understand your target market and identify unique selling points that are meaningful to them.

Name Generation

With your guidance, Xortie can brainstorm a name that is timeless, timely, and aptly represents your business or product. Our branding agency can also check your chosen brand name’s domain/URL and social media availability.


An excellent tagline speaks heaps about your brand without saying too much. Trust our branding consultants and copywriters to develop clear, concise, and powerful taglines so that your brand can instantly connect with your target audience.

Mission Statements

Mission statements are meant to inspire and transform your people and your customers. Therefore, our branding agency sees to it that your mission statement matches your brand culture and values, making it easier to preach and practise.

Brand Manifesto

To gain good traction in the Australian and global markets, your brand must have well-defined convictions. Sit down with our branding specialists here in Sydney about your set of beliefs. We can articulate them on your behalf.

Visual Identity

As a full-service branding agency, our Sydney office houses graphic designers to ensure that your brand’s visual elements–from logo to color schemes to business stationery to brand book–strike a balance between consistency and adaptability.

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