Viral Video Production Without the Hype

Producing viral content is not enough to get your audience moving. Your video only becomes effective when the receiver truly understands the message. To reel your audience in with truly share-worthy videos, trust Xortie’s video production services.

With Australian producer David Howard at the helm, we have worked with top talents such as Pierce Brosnan  and big corporations such as ING Australia. In addition to our highly creative core, our video production group here in Sydney boasts of a solid network of suppliers and on-the-dot logistics.

Whether it’s a corporate AVP, a documentary, or a video podcast, our Sydney-based video production team will bring your ideas to life from storyboard development to shooting to post-production.

Our Video Production Process

Every good video, no matter how long or seemingly complex, typically involves many steps as well as collaboration with different teams and people. Here’s what you can expect from Xortie:


Pre-production involves everything we do before we begin shooting your video. Although not visible to your target viewers, it takes up a big portion of your video production. In other words, the success of your production depends on how well it was planned. Depending on the size of your project, a Xortie production typically involves eight to nine stages.

  • Brainstorming – Consulting the client as well as creating the synopsis and treatment
  • Script Writing – Including dialogue, sounds, and camera shots into the script
  • Storyboard Development – Depicting, comic-book style, how your story is going to flow
  • Costume Design – Developing costume design concepts, sourcing materials, and producing actual costumes
  • Talent Selection – Auditioning, shortlisting, and contracting talents
  • Location Scouting – Finding the perfect place to record your video
  • Art Direction – Creating all pre-production collateral
  • Equipment Planning – Developing an inventory of video and sound equipment
  • Equipment Hiring – Hiring and logistics of equipment ranging from sound and video recording to lighting and staging


All filming is carried out during this phase. Led by our meticulous director, our video production team here in Sydney takes great care in shooting raw footage. In doing so, only quality scenes will be used during post-production.

  • Set Management – Getting all video production equipment ready for rolling
  • Hair and Makeup – Ensuring that your talent’s hair and makeup complement the costume
  • Directing – Bringing your storyboard to life through video and sound recording
  • Catering – Providing on-site meals to ensure fewer breaks


As soon as our filming crew’s job ends, post-production can begin. Scene editing, sound production, and special effects are typically done during this phase. After these steps, our director and producer view the fine cut and approve it, making sure that it is what your creative brief calls for.

  • Scene Editing – Editing scenes to make a clear and coherent story
  • Sound Production – Creating and integrating sound effects into raw audio recording
  • Special Effects – Adding a bit of illusion to your raw footage

Turn your video idea into something truly worth watching and sharing.

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