Integrity & Values

IAV – Branding Refresh | Website Refresh | Lead Generation | Social Media

Xortie was approached by the management team from Australian executive coaching firm Integrity and Values for a brand refresh and to grow their business. The aim was specifically to grow lead generation of executive coaching clients. In reviewing the business the lowest hanging fruit was identified as online lead generation. It was determined from this that Integrity and Values first needed work on the brand assets such as secondary graphics and an image library that reflected the calibre of the client they wish to attract.

With a solid series of brand assets the next step was a complete redevelopment of the website. The Xortie team redesigned the information architecture and development of brands value proposition. The new website design would also leverage the organisation’s suite of blue chip corporate clients and individual success stories. This built credibility to a relatively unknown brand and helped position them as a premium offering in the marketplace.




In boosting online lead generation, the organisation’s values assessment exposure was maximised. Developing a free cut down version of the assessment requiring a LinkedIn Single Sign-On created a list of engaged leads. These were then filtered and disseminated amongst the relevant regional staff. The online free assessment was then promoted through a variety of social media channels.




Aiming to grow the brands recognition Xortie’s creative team help develop the foundations of Integrity and Values social media presence. This included designing the company’s Facebook page, Google+ profile and LinkedIn company pages. More importantly, in recognising that the majority of existing clients came from referrals, all client facing staff had their LinkedIn profiles assessed and improved to maximise credibility.