Branding is more than about creating a crystal clear image of what your business does. Knowing who you will be doing it for is also crucial to developing an excellent brand.

‘Who are you?’

‘What do you do?’

‘Who is your target market?’

‘What is your promise?’

Whilst these are important questions for brand building, some businesses only provide surface-level answers without truly knowing their target market. Brand positioning is all about connecting with a target market you can serve and more importantly, satisfy. Be sure to dig deeper and add these two questions to your list:

Question #1: Who can you really serve?

All too often we hear clients say: ‘Well, our target market is pretty much everyone.’ Unfortunately, when businesses make it a mission to please everybody, they end up satisfying nobody.

Neither is it about choosing the more profitable or more agreeable market segment. Remember that your business or product has its own core competencies, weaknesses, and unique selling points, so when identifying your target market, look beyond the general demographic profile. Focus more on understanding their needs and whether their needs complement your brand’s unique offerings.

Question #2: Will your uniqueness satisfy your target market?

It’s not enough to distinguish your brand from the competition and give flowery promises. Be sure that your point of distinction is relevant to the needs of your target market. How will your target market benefit from your unique selling point? Clarify this area, and your brand will truly stand out.

More importantly, be sincere. Offer propositions you’re certain you’ll be able to deliver, and give credible proof that your brand does deliver these benefits.

Creating a positive and unique impression in the mind of your target market so much so that they’ll choose you over other brands involves a great deal of deliberation. It entails knowing who you’re serving as well as identifying a selling point different from the competition yet meaningful to your target market. If branding is done right, you can be sure to hear your customers say:

‘I am fully aware of the brand.’

‘I know what the brand is all about.’

‘I believe in the promise of the brand.’