Good brand names are timeless and timely.

You’ve given birth to your organisation or product. What shall you name your baby? A well selected brand name is essential in catching your target market’s attention and maintaining their loyalty. Be sure, therefore, to think of a brand name with these two characteristics.

Excellent brand names are enduring.

Timeless brand names are straightforward yet distinct. With all the trendy names out there, a straightforward one may not be an attractive choice. The truth is, however, it does a better job of sticking to your audience’s memory as it is easier to recall.

Your target market can also quickly associate a straightforward brand name with your business or product. It can immediately tell them what exactly your business or product is or what it does. Take Power Efficiencies, for example. Power Efficiencies is a manufacturer and distributor of energy efficient products such as LED lights and wind generators. The company also offers energy consulting services. When you hear this brand name, ‘power or energy efficient solutions’ will be the first thing that will come to your mind.

Power Efficiencies as one example of a good brand name

Good brand names won’t keep you guessing.

Enduring brand names are also distinctive. But how can your simple brand name stand out from the ocean of names already out there? For starters, try changing the spelling. Our company name, Xortie, for instance, comes from the military term ‘sortie,’ which means ‘mission’ (as our mission is to make your brand successful). You can also combine words to form new ones or create an entirely new word from scratch. The goal, however, is to ensure that your brand name is memorable yet uncomplicated.

Grip Flip 360 as one example of a good brand name

Grip Flip 360 is a rotatable multi-device holder for cars. It’s brand name tells you exactly what it does.

Effective brand names are adaptive.

Aside from timelessness, great brand names also know how to keep with the changing times. When your target market discovers your brand, they expect to find you on the internet. When they navigate through various online platforms, will they find your brand name consistently associated with your business or product or with a dozen other URLs and hashtags? Do your homework online before deciding on your name.

Xortie as an example of a good brand name

Our one-word brand name aims for simplicity and relevance.

Naming your business, product, or service requires ample time and research. Plenty of communication among your organisation and the support of a marketing agency highly experienced in branding can help you develop a name that is simple, is memorable, and best of all, sums up what you business stands for.

Keep your branding simple. Know how