Retail Creative Campaign

Retail Creative Campaign

Product Launch Campaign for Consumer Tech Company D-Link

Launching a market leading series of networking product D-Link engaged Xortie’s Sydney team for a creative campaign. Targeting Australia, New Zealand and South East Asian markets the creative campaign included graphic design, copy and  production. In reviewing the brief the challenge became clear. The client was looking for a single and simple visual that conveyed the ever increasing number of devices connected to the home network. Creating congestion in the home network when used simultaneously. The visual would need to be adaptable to the various market segments including first the mass market, gamers, movie buffs and hi def music lovers. Using Xortie’s tried and tested approach to creative graphic design we took a detailed brief, brainstormed internally over a few days and came up with four campaign concepts. Presenting the concepts to D-Link’s marketing and management team the client’s favourite was identified. The Sydney creative design team worked with Xortie’s strategy planner to help boost the visual’s credibility and effectiveness. This included leveraging the target markets recognised brands for the creative campaign. Adapting the visuals included third-party brands as per each mass or nichè audience.

Retail_creative_campaign by Sydney based creative agency Xortie

Product launch creative campaign design by Sydney creative agency Xortie.



The retail creative campaign rolled out in major electronic retail stores such as JB Hi-Fi. Requiring print production in a number of formats including wide format PVC header cards, holographic shelf hangers, shelf strips, wall posters, floor decals, pull up banners, product packaging stickers and tent cards among many. In addition to in-store rollouts the campaign was executed digitally, including a range of static and animated banners, Flash and jQuery for social media, email campaigns, D-Link’s and reseller websites.



retail end cap design by Sydney creative agency Xortie

The campaign delivered a simple visual that was adaptable throughout the region in various mass and niche markets. Creating a visual that simply positioned D-Link’s Wireless AC series products as the solution for multiple device streaming environments. A scenario common to just about all these days. As the creative concept was approved Xortie’s strategy team liaised with the major brands used in all finished artworks. A tedious and testing task but crucial for audience recognition, understanding and credibility of the creative message.