A small business website differs from a large corporate site. If you’re a small company, you need to be aware of many considerations before putting up your own website. Xortie names several concerns you should discuss with your digital agency before they can present their web design proposal.

Content Management

A small business typically will not have a dedicated staff to manage its website. Whilst a specific employee may be appointed for this task, that person will probably have other daily responsibilities. Such an arrangement unfortunately often results to a neglected website. When planning a website for a small enterprise, you and your digital agency ought to be realistic about content management and come up with a content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy is essentially a plan to update and grow your website’s content, thus ensuring that existing content is kept relevant and factually accurate and that new content is regularly published. Doing so will keep your website’s existing audience engaged whilst attracting new web traffic from a mixture of sources, which could include, among others, social media, Google search, and directory listings.

Digital Art

In addition to content management, a small company might have meager or no technical assets, particularly lower level resources such as a junior web developer or a junior digital artist. Oftentimes, therefore, labour intensive tasks such as touching up photos for web optimisation are pushed to senior people, adding to the backlog of non-urgent tasks. As the small business website replaces the physical shop and office, consistency in high-quality, brand-aligned images has never been more imperative. Thus, it is important for your digital agency to ensure a mechanism for quick and low-cost photo and image editing. But transacting with local digital finishing artists has proven to be too expensive, with local rates generally exceeding AUD 60 per hour. In contrast to locally based artists, hiring offshore digital finishing artists will cost you as little as AUD 20 per hour. For that reason, Xortie’s Sydney digital team typically signs up offshore digital finishing artists for small business clients. These clients can then easily send images for editing to professionals with agency experience at par with or higher than that of their local counterparts.

Technical Knowhow

Learning about how websites and ecommerce work can be overwhelming for a company with little or no digital background. If you’re one of those businesses who have yet to build a website, then you need a digital agency that is highly knowledgeable in simplifying technology as well as possesses a huge amount of patience in dealing with tech novices.

Your small business website needs expert hands. Entrust it to Xortie.

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