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Brochure Design & Pull-up Banner Design

Wildman Wilderness Lodge

For a tourism operator, the discovery of Xortie’s design and production services came at the most opportune time. Wildman Wilderness Lodge had to do a last-minute appearance at a Darwin show, and they needed brochures and pull-up banners designed and produced in only a couple of days. Instead of sourcing locally, they turned to our Sydney-based team for these urgent requirements.

The initial brief took place Tuesday whilst the approval to commence designing was given a day after. With less than 24 hours to the print deadline, our team had to rush to deliver layout drafts on the same day. Luckily, our client was able to provide an image library, final copy, and basic brand guidelines to fast-track the job.

Our brochure design team, however, instantly noticed that the image library contained a number of low-resolution files that were not suitable for printing. Xortie continued with a few draft concepts nevertheless to avoid any idle time whilst they waited for the high-resolution files from the client.

Upon receiving the correct images as well as the final feedback, we wasted no time on finalising and printing the brochures and pull-up banners. Thanks to the joint effort of our client and our design and production teams, Wildman Wilderness Lodge was able to collect a short run of digitally printed brochures and a pull-up banner to fly out with the next morning and display at the event.