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Easy Purlers

Knitting enthusiast Mia Scolari had an ingenious product that she wanted to take to the market in an equally creative way. Armed with only her product–the Easy Purlers knitting needles–she requested from Xortie a comprehensive package, which includes branding, marketing design, and website development.

Upon positioning and tagline development, our graphic design team set out with a number of logo concepts, which we tested on the target market. A preference was quickly determined–a white silhouette of the uniquely shaped knitting needles wedged into a ball of yarn–consequently finalising the brand elements, fonts, and style guide.

With the branding signed off, we commenced the production of their stationery, marketing collateral, and retail designs. As Easy Purlers is a new player in the market, Mia wanted a cost-effective packaging style to match its competitive pricing. Xortie teamed up with leading Sydney printer Marketing Efficiencies to provide design options that were practical for print production. After only one round of minor revisions, a design was approved and finalised for printing.

Marketing Efficiencies and Xortie deliberated on the most suitable paper stock and finish for the Easy Purlers retail packaging. As a standard procedure, we had a sample produced, ensuring that colours and sizing were perfect for the product and its plastic sleeve. Within a few days, the packaging artwork was put to press along with the Easy Purlers stationery (letterhead, business cards, and invoices), brochures, and point-of-sale displays.

Simultaneously, our digital team started in on the development of the Easy Purlers eCommerce website. Mindful of limited internal resources to manage the website on a daily basis, Xortie proposed a WordPress site with an eCommerce plugin. We also chose a relatively simple and inexpensive eCommerce platform to support the Easy Purlers business model for the first two years. Building on the existing style guide, our web design team built an image library for the brand, shooting product photos and creating combination packs for publishing online.

Within six weeks, Xortie had set up the Easy Purlers brand, produced all marketing collateral and retail requirements, and launched the website. Mia’s one-of-a-kind creation is now ready to reach wholesalers and retailers as well as sell directly to consumers online.