Packaging design for Picabu productsSydney packaging design work for retail client in goldPicabu packaging design in glitter pinkSilver packaging design for Picabu

Packaging Design


Picabu is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturer of custom silicon cases and 3D skins for smart phones.

The task was for Xortie to help the company prepare for a very important and urgent pitch to a major retailer in Australia by coming up with a new packaging design for their two major products.

We took on the challenge despite the limited time for a full branding exercise. In less than five days, our packaging design team was able to discuss the client brief, presented the initial round of concepts, and produced mockups to be presented to the retailer.

Xortie Managing Director, Tim Achmad, led the design project’s briefing phase, which happened on a Thursday. With the budget, objective, and client in mind, we proposed a packaging design incorporating euro holes.

Immediately following the briefing session, our packaging design team set out to work, submitting three concepts late Friday and exchanging ideas with Picabu over the weekend. A couple of revisions later, the Xortie creative team developed the packaging designs and basic product branding shown on this page.

With the studies approved, the packaging design team quickly finalised the design, customising it for each unique product. Individual packaging mockups as well as a mockup of the packaging in a retail shelf placement were delivered in time for Picabu’s Monday pitch.