1  23In-store retail point of sale design and production - acrylic PoS display box with 10inch HD video display to support packaging designPackaging design - distribution carton and in-store retail point of sale display box by Sydney packaging design company Xortieprofessional product photography for packaging design and point of sale project by the Sydney creative design team and packaging design agency Xortie Sydney Australiaproduct photography for packaging design project by Sydney packaging design agency Xortie

Branding, Packaging Design & POS Design – Grip Flip 360

The makers of a universal device holder for cars sought Xortie out for an end-to-end solution for their product. This includes branding, packaging design, point of sale (POS) display design, and in-sales support. Working on a relatively short deadline and a limited budget, the team conceived a plan that would position the product as a smarter and highly economical alternative to in-car GPS navigation units.

First the creative team developed a number of name studies; among them was Grip Flip 360. The said name clearly was the client and target market’s preference during Xortie’s market testing, so upon the client’s approval our graphic artists immediately designed a logo using a customised typeface.

Because Grip Flip 360 is a new player in the Australian market, the objective was for the packaging design to be eye-catching yet informative. Together with the client, we came up with several design concepts, a process that proved to be challenging for our creative team: Information needed to be incorporated into the packaging design whilst ensuring a clutter-free layout.

Three revision rounds  and a market testing later, the packaging design was finalised. Our creative team then prepared the final artwork and sent them to Marketing Efficiencies for print production. We also gave the client the finished art in multiple formats to allow them to make future revisions to their packaging design.

With the packaging design completed, Xortie proceeded to creating the POS display. We came up with different POS display designs because Grip Flip 360 was to be placed in a variety of reseller outlets in Australia. One of the designs was a convertible product carton: It could be used to distribute the product and then transformed into a POS display box when it reaches the store. To better educate buyers in larger retail environments, we used a four-cell comic strip on the product and acrylic boxes.

Finally, as support to in-store sales, the client asked our creative team to develop some digital creative materials, which included professional product photos.

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